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Our Story

The Classic Hotel is owned by the Vassilopoulos Family. In the late 1950's, the building - a house at that time - was bought by the late Andreas Vassilopoulos. This house became his home and eventually he managed to build a small community containing 40 flats and 17 stores with the house being in the centre of it. The house was so strategically located, that the roof of the building was used for military purposes. Twenty-five years later the sons of Andreas Vassilopoulos and founders of G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group integrated the stores and flats their father built with his home, creating The Classic Hotel.

The Classic Hotel

The hotel is situated in the heart of Nicosia within the ancient Venetian walls, close the Green Line. The Green Line got its name during the Turkish invasion in 1974, when a British officer drew a line on the Cyprus map with a green pen separating the two existing communities, hence the name Green Line.

Nicosia is today the only divided Capital City in the world. The street where the hotel is situated makes it even more significant. The name of the street is Rigenis, which according to historians, it got its name after the Queen of Cyprus Regina, who lived in the area, and her block was known as the One Hundred Houses of Regina.

Despite its old history, The Classic Hotel has been recently redesigned to blend perfectly with its environment and it is ready to share its amazing experiences with you.

Nicosia, Cyprus