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Museums, Galleries & Libraries


Cyprus Archeological Museum
Situated in the center of Nicosia is the main Archaeological Museum of Cyprus and outlines the long history of the island culture from prehistoric times to the early Christian period. 


Leventio Museum
It is housed in a complex of three traditional buildings in the old walled city, not far from Freedom Square. It is also the historical museum of Nicosia, through which unfolds the history of the city from prehistoric times to the present.

Museum of Folk Art
The Folk Art Museum was founded by the Society of Cypriot Studies in 1937 and occupies the site of the old Archbishopric.

The Byzantine Museum
The Byzantine Museum contains the richest and most representative collection of Byzantine art originated from the whole of Cyprus.

National Struggle Museum
The museum is chronicling the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters movement from 1955-1959 against the British rule in Cyprus. In this museum you can learn the whole story of the struggle of members of EOKA and the struggle against the British.

Ledra Street Observatory
The Shiacolas Tower is the tallest building in the old Nicosia and one of the tallest in the city. The eleventh floor of the tower was transformed into a museum - Observatory of the whole Nicosia.

The Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum
The Loukia and Michael Zampelas Art Museum is a unique Arts Centre which presents modern and contemporary art through the eyes of Cypriot artists.  The Museum’s Zmart Gallery, located on the ground floor, organizes temporary art exhibitions showcasing the latest artistic trends on the island. The Zmart Café allows you to immerse yourself in relaxing artistic moments while you can purchase unique memorabilia and art objects from the Museum’s Zmart Shop.  

Shadow Theatre Museum
The purpose of the Municipal Museum of Shadow Theatre is not only to book showcases and some stunts but also to present the history of Shadow Theater in Cyprus. It displays old and contemporary Karagiozis especially in a small theater that has become venue for young artists interested in the art of Shadows.

Mansion Hadjigeorgakis
Hadjigeorgakis Mansion is close to the Archbishopric and it was once the residence of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, the grand Dragoman (Greek/Turkish interpreter) during the era of the Turkish rule of the island who lived between 1793 and 1808.

Pancyprian Gymnasium Museums
Is the oldest educational institution of secondary education in Cyprus located in the historic center of Nicosia, in an exciting field of twelve halls where the new Museums of the Pancyprian Gymnasium belongs.

Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage
The museum is the only one of its kind in Cyprus and presents the Numismatic Collection of the Cultural Foundation which consists of Cypriot coins from the 6th century BC when coins were minted for the first time on the island, by the currencies of the Republic.

Museum of the George and Nefeli Tziapra Pierides
The museum has one of the most important private collections in Cyprus and contains magnificent specimens of Greek Mycenaean ceramics, including anthropomorphic vessels, as well as ceramic white coating and ring base made ​​Cypriot pottery known throughout the world.

Cyprus Postal Museum
Situated within the city walls, this museum houses an exhibition dedicated to the development of postal services in Cyprus and a stamp collection from the 18th century until today, considered to be the best in international philately.

The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle Museum
It was established by Andreas Nicolaou and is consisted by a collection of more than 150 motorcycles from 1941 to 1983, as well as projection room, gift shop, part shop is for vintage motorcycles and a coffee shop.

Children's Museum Rota
Located in the heart of Nicosia, in a renovated floor, the Children's Museum Rota suggests an alternative way of training and creative activities for children. It’s a unique museum that uses exhibits, games and tails to offer experiential knowledge and experiences that stimulate curiosity, imagination and creativity of children.

Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus
This eclectic collection of Cypriot folk art of the 19th and early 20th century includes woodcuts, tapestry, embroidery, pottery, national costumes and hand-woven textiles housed in the beautiful building of the Archdiocese in the heart of Nicosia.


Cyprus Library

It is located near Eleftherias square.


Achilles Library
The library bears the name "Achilles" upon request of the late Costas Piki, a known citizen of Nicosia who assumed the cost of purchasing and maintaining the old neoclassical building located on the street Constantine Paleologos, to honor the memory of his uncle Achilles Markides.


Severios Library
The Severios Library of the Pancyprian Gymnasium began operations in 1812 with the launch of the Greek School, which in 1893 was renamed the Pancyprian Gymnasium.

Library Makarios III
The Library Foundation Makarios is part of the Cultural Center of the Foundation Archbishop Makarios III and is housed in the grounds of the Cathedral of St. John (next to the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus).


Library Russian Cultural Centre
Library with reading room (with over 17,000 volumes).


Library of Antiquities
Almost simultaneously with the establishment of the Cyprus Museum in 1895 a small collection of books and magazines archaeological content formed the first nucleus of the present library of the Cyprus Museum, and by extension the Department of Antiquities was founded shortly afterwards in 1935. Since 1935 the collection of books around the nucleus became more intensive.

National Gallery of Modern Art

It is housed in a beautifully restored building in Nicosia and comprises a collection of paintings and sculptures by Cypriot artists of the 20th century.

Leventis Gallery

This gallery is going to house all three collections of Leventis Foundation. The French, Greek and Cypriot, whose value is priceless and is a powerful weapon in attracting tourists to the capital city.


Nicosia, Cyprus