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Donkey Farm:  
Meet the Cyprus donkeys, they are much bigger than the donkeys you know! You can go for a donkey ride, learn how to cook rural Cypriot dishes, buy natural products of the olive tree and a whole range of cosmetics based on donkey milk.


Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth:  Relax at this peaceful, full of scents park, buy your naturally grown herbs and essential oils, have an herbal tea and play at the labyrinth.

Sayious Adventure Park, Asgata:  
Ideal for group events featuring off road buggies and drift go karting; it will challenge your off road driving abilities.

Sparta Adventure Park, Platres:  
Enjoy a diverse catalogue of rope adventures which will challenge you at different levels, in the beautiful surroundings of Platres village, near Troodos.

Adventure Mountain Park Kyperounda:  
Paintball, rock climbing, laser tag, orienteering, Tyrolian traverse: A place where you will have fun being active and adventurous.

Trekking & Mountain biking:  
There’s so many nature and mountain bike trails all around the island, just waiting for you to discover them! There are individual or group possibilities with organized expeditions.

Sea or snow ski:  
With sea water temperature between 17-25 °C in the winter months, you can enjoy sea ski or other sea sports and on the same day, you can head up to Mount Olympus for snow skiing. (Usually possible after January).

Yacht Chartering:  
Limitless possibilities to charter a luxury yacht and enjoy the crystal clear Mediterranean sea with your family or friends!

Wine Routes/Wineries:  
Explore well designed wine routes and enjoy wine tasting with typical mountain food and products. See quaint villages, ancient monasteries and unspoilt forests!

Birdwatching, nature preservation:
Observe nature and wild life, turtle hutching, birdwatching flamingos and other migratory birds.


Nicosia, Cyprus