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Things to Experience - Category - Government Buildings


Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace was formerly the Government House, where it used to be the residence of the British Governor of Cyprus during the era of British rule (1878-1960).


House of Representatives

The House meets in regular session automatically fortnight in fifteen days after the general elections and the mode is determined, based on the constitution of rules.


Central Bank of Cyprus

The Central Bank of Cyprus was established in 1963, a short time after the proclamation of the independence of Cyprus, as an autonomous institution in accordance with the Central Bank of Cyprus Law 1963 and the relevant articles of the Constitution of the Republic.

Ministry of Finance

The Finance Ministry policy is based on the motto «Development - Modernization - Social Progress». The vision is for Cyprus to seize the opportunities and confront the challenges of joining the European Union and globalization.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Ministry Affairs is in the central service in Nicosia and diplomatic missions abroad, it plays an important role in defending the interests of the Republic and the promotion of Cyprus worldwide.

Ministry of Interior

The Interior Ministry is a Ministry mainly focused on implementing policies for people. This policy is shaped through various actions.

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