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Things to Experience - Category - Cycling Sites


Linear Park Pedhieos River

The Cycling Path starts from the bridge south of the Presidential Palace, passes through the eucalyptus trees near the Presidential palace and through the bed of the plan area near the traditional core of Ayion Omoloyiton area and below the bridge Griva Digheni where it joins the park opposite from the Church of St John the Baptist near Giorkeio. Then it passes under the bridge to the road Chilonos and ends at the old General Hospital.

Linear Park Kaimakliou

The Linear Park at Kaimakliis located on site of the old railway line has been developed in two phases from 1995 to 1998.

Linear Park Pallouriotissa

The promenade starts at the roundabout "Bata" and ends at the intersection of Marcus Dracos Avenue with Larnacos and has a distance of 2 kilometers.

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